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No No’s

This isn’t the first gluten-free Kickstarter project, but it sure looks yummy: No-No’s M&M’s-like candies. They’re vegan and allergy-friendly (mostly – they do use soy, if that’s an issue for you).

They’re on track to just barely make their goal. It would be nice to see them make it. ¬†You can help support them and get your candy on their Kickstarter page.

Easy Eats Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is a great crowd-funding site that lets people propose projects and seek funding from the internet. If the project meets its goal, pledges are collected. Occasionally, a gluten-free food project pops up.

There’s a new one called Easy Eats – It’s Good To Be Gluten Free. It’s a digital magazine that’s looking to expand.