Gourmand’s Grater

Here’s another crowdfunding campaign – the Gourmand’s Grater on Indiegogo.

The best way to keep unnwanted ingredients out of your diet is to make your own food at home from whole, fresh ingredients. Which is easier said than done, of course.

The Gourmand’s Grater looks like a rotary cheese grater – the kind they use in Italian restaurants to put Parmesan cheese on your pizza. But it’s also a grinder and a mill. Which keeps it from being one of Alton Brown’s dreaded unitaskers.

I generally hate rotary graters. They’re usually made out of thin sheet metal or cheap plastic. And they’re a pain in the butt to clean. And, frankly, they’re unnecessary – you almost certainly have a regular grater in the kitchen somewhere that can do the work just as well – and do plenty more as well.

I’ve been wanting a food mill to make sauces, soup, and purees. But a lot of them are cheap, and the nice ones are expensive. So I’ve never gotten one.

The Gourmand’s Grater looks interesting because it switches from a grater (cheese chocolate) to a grinder (nutmeg, herbs, spices, grains) to a mill. From the pictures on Indiegogo, it looks to be well built. And comes in different colors.

The designer of the Gourmand’s Grater, Annie Kersch, runs a food blog, Gambas And Grits, which has some yummy-looking recipes. It’s not a gluten-free blog, but there are plenty of options there.

The campaign is looking for $40,000, and has 25 days left to go. Reward options for graters start at $65, which is steep for a grater by itself, but not for all three tools. Go check it out.

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