Horizon Milk Boxes

Horizon Dairy is awesome. They make a full range of diary products, and the first question on their FAQ is “Are Horizon organic products okay for people with wheat and gluten allergies?” The answer is yes. All their products are gluten free.

I particularly like their milk boxes. Single-serving, ultra-pasteurized, shelf-stable milk. Sold in cartons of 18, available in a few different flavors.

They don’t need refrigeration (prior to opening), so they’re perfect for travel or keeping at the office. This isn’t great milk – you’re not going to want to use it to make cheese or sauces. But it’s perfect for pouring over your Corn Chex.

Unfortunately, they recently changed their packaging to make it work better with straws – by removing the pull tab over the pour spout. If you use the attached straw to puncture the small foil circle, the milk just dribbles out, so you need a knife to cut a pour spout from the carton. Which makes them less ideal for travel because the fewer tools you have to carry with you, the better.

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