Corn (And Rice) Chex

General Mills has started promoting their Corn and Rice Chex cereals as being gluten free.  There’s even a Celiac Disease Foundation logo on the box side now.

Corn Chex Gluten Free

Yay mainstream manufacturer recognizing the GF market! In fact, General Mills has set up a whole web site to promote it’s GF products – and there are quite a lot of them. Including gluten-free Bisquick!

I’m a little behind the curve here – it looks like they started doing this last year. I tend to ignore the mainstream cereal aisle because so much of it is off-limits. Even stuff that should (or at least could) be GF aren’t – like Rice Crispies.

Cereal makes a nice staple because it’s shelf-stable, easy to serve, and cheap. I keep some of the single-serving shelf-stable milk that Horizon sells in my office and I can have breakfast every day.  (Not that I do – but I could.)

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