In-N-Out Burger is one of our city’s treasures. And fortunately, they’re pretty allergy-friendly, if only because of their simple menu. Unless you’re allergic to beef, voor of course.


Basically, wholesale NFL jerseys you can get a burger (in a few different configurations), french fries, and a drink. The burger options involve number of patties, cheap jerseys cheese, and condiments.

There is also the infamous secret menu – which includes the “protein style” burger – wrapped in lettuce instead of on a bun. In theory, a double-double, protein style, is gluten-free.

I wholesale jerseys say “in theory” because there are a lot of opportunities for cross-contamination. They toast down the buns on the grill, and while there is usually separation between the buns and the other things, things get pretty busy in the kitchen sometimes, so 1 I don’t doubt that wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys shortcuts are taken.

Most of the restaurants have fairly open kitchens, and you can watch the operations from the dining room or the drive-through. So you 2 can observe and judge for yourself.

The other area of concern – one of those stealth sources of contamination – is the spread. Essentially Thousand Island dressing, it is crazy yummy on the Contact burgers and fries. Peeps And they spread it on the bun with a spatula which keeps going back into the vat of spread, so the potential for bits of bun to get into the spread is pretty great. Fortunately, they offer pre-packaged spread in packets. Just ask cheap jerseys for a side of spread and you’ll get a bun-free packet.

My order is “Number one, plain and protein style, with a side of spread.”

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